Top Tips to Help your Baby Sleep Better


When you have a young baby in the house, those long dark sleepless nights can feel never ending. No amount of shushing, rocking or even commando crawling out of the room seem to do the trick when you’re desperate for your baby to close their eyes (and keep them closed).

Don’t fear though - it’s a problem that most parents can relate to.

Whether it’s sleep training a newborn into a good routine, or re-establishing bedtime habits, parents around the world can unite in the challenge of inducing sleep. As we know every baby is different and what works for one parent may not work for another, but here are some things you can try. 

How to promote good sleeping routines in young babies

Whether you already have a baby in the house, or are expecting one soon, you need to remember that babies are smart.

Newborn and young babies sleep through visits from family and friends, but when you need a bit of peace, usually at your mealtimes and when you need some shut eye, they’re up for an all-night party! So what you can do help a newborn settle into their sleeping environment?

  • Swaddle. Your baby has been all cuddled up in their mummy’s tummy for a cosy 9 months, and suddenly they are placed into an empty crib or Moses basket.  Not only this but they still retain the startle reflex which can make them feel as through they are falling. These jerky movements can cause them to stir, so wrapping them up in a swaddle can prevent unnecessary wake ups.  Remember not to wrap it too tight, but just enough to make them feel as ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ as the saying goes.
  • Dream feed. Offering a feed just before you go to sleep can prevent your baby from disturbing you just as you start to drop off. These can be done without waking the baby, and can buy you 40 extra winks if you time it right. As the baby gets older and can go longer between feeds, dropping this one could be the key to getting them to sleep through the night.
  • White noise. Babies don’t like to feel as though they are missing out. Using an app, device or toy that emits a white noise sound can block out other noise and goings on in the house. These sounds can also mimic a heartbeat sound that can help them to settle into a room, reminding them of the familiar noises they heard in utero.
  • Relaxing scents. Using scents in a baby’s sleeping environment can help them to feel safe and calm, helping them to be more content and induce a healthy sleep pattern. The Sleepy Baby Nursery Reed Diffuser or Sleepy Feet Foot Oil can be used so that the baby feels safe and secure in whichever room they are sleeping in – home or away.
  • Bedtime routine. It is never too early to introduce a bedtime routine, including bath, massage and story time.  Even if your baby is yet to fall into a routine, start to wind them down towards a time you’d like to become ‘bed time’ and try to practice it each night. Ultimately, over time this will become the norm, and help to prompt sleep for your little one.

We want to hear your tips – feel free to share them with us!