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Tabitha Howells

My son has never slept more than a few hours in a row since he was born 12 months ago, waking around 10 times a night and he wouldn't sleep on his own. He was in my bed waking constantly, I have tried everything from various sleep routines to creams and nothing worked. I started using Shhleepies Feet 2 days ago and he has slept 11 hours straight in his own bed, I cannot believe it, I am amazed. I was not optimistic at all about this and thought I would definitely be one of the people commenting to say it hadn't worked but its looking like it is working! Let’s hope it continues. Thanks very much I will be ordering more xx

Nicola France

My 9-month old has had a full night sleep a handful of times, and it was getting worse, waking 4-5 times every night, sometimes awake for 2 hours so I was getting desperate. I thought £12 was a small price to pay for my sanity. So, the second-night using sleepy feet, and a second full night sleep!! WOW, I love this and can't recommend it enough, my daughter normally falls asleep drinking her bottle and if that doesn't happen it’s a very big battle to get her to sleep, well the last night she was awake after her bottle and within 5 minutes was fast asleep. No crying! Thank you, Mummy Loves Organics!

Tracy Jones

I was apprehensive about buying this oil, but due to our son teething he was waking through the night. He also suffers from reflux so doesn't get a good sleep at nights. The oil definitely works, he sleeps much better only waking at 6 in the morning now rather than three or four times a night. The oil came really quickly was beautifully packaged and I love the smell. Would definitely recommend it and I will be buying more xx

Ally Heslop

I've used this last night for the first time on 2 out of my 3 children. The middle one hasn’t ever been a great sleeper and is also a very early riser - 4.40am the other Sunday. It's 6.55am & he's still asleep! Praying it's this that's making him sleep & hoping it continues to work!

Kerni Cunningham

It’s a miracle!!! I have twins that are almost 3 and one hasn't slept through once since birth! Up 3/4 times a night…wouldn't settle even at nanny's house so I never got a rest! This oil has changed my life. She is now sleeping 10 hours straight and had a sleepover at nannies without waking up with night terrors! Thank you so much! X