Not sure about Mummy Loves Organics? Read what others had to say!

Jemma Louise Crozier Hacking

What can I say, this oil is brilliant! As soon as it comes to my little boy having his bedtime massage with the oil, I can see him start to relax. I obviously use it alongside a solid bedtime routine and I think this definitely contributes. The smell is divine and I use it to help myself unwind on an evening. I understand that it may take a little longer for my order to come as it's a small business. One way I overcome this hurdle, is buying purchasing more than one, so I know I'm not going to run out.

Alex Smith

Ordering from a small company means you may wait longer for your order - something that doesn't bother me, I'd rather wait and support small companies working around second jobs and juggling childcare than buy from a massive company that produces second rate products on a mass scale with nasty additives and zero love or care packed into their packages. I've always used Shhleepies for my little boy of five months from the recommended age for use and he's since always slept through the night, the product smells amazing and definitely helps to calm him. Those of you saying it doesn't work - It’s not a magic potion!! you still have to be in a good bedtime routine etc, the product can HELP to aid good sleep but it's not able to work miracles!

Heidi Harrison

We have been using this a few weeks now on our 3-year-old and 1-year-old. They were both terrible sleepers and share a room so waking each other wasn't helping! I’ve almost run out of it and have enough left for one child (the youngest, as she is the worst sleeper) tomorrow night. I didn't realise I was so low and I'm already panicking about not having any for few days till the next bottle that I’ve just ordered arrives. I think that says enough on how well it's working haha! Don't get me wrong we aren't lucky enough to get 8 solid hours every single night, but one wake up from one child a night is a miracle to the 6+ a night we were getting. Thank you!

Jessica Gatenby

My little boy who is 3 years and 7 months has not been a good sleeper since moving house nearly 2 year ago. He would be up and down all night, we tried everything to changing bedrooms to new beds to star charts, anything you could imagine we tried. Since using Shhleepies Feet he has been loads and loads better and last night was the first time he slept all the way through. We have been using your product for 7 days and he has actually slept all night I can't believe it. Would recommend to anybody. I was very doubtful that this would work because he is nearly 4, but it does and it’s amazing! One happy Mammy and Daddy today!

Hannah Mahindru

It only bloody works! I marinade my daughter in this every night! My 3-year olds sleep has been awful recently, since we've started using Shhleepies Feet, she sleeps all night and hasn't had any nightmares so far. I've also had terrible pregnancy insomnia recently so have been putting it on my own feet & temples, it's really helped me get a good night’s sleep. Can't put a price on that! We're on to our second bottle, I wouldn't be without it now & have recommend it to friends. Thank you x