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Claire Louise Mitchell

After trying various creams/sprays on my 2.5-year-old, I was a bit wary if this would work. After a few weeks of using it as it said (soles of feet, temples & behind ears) he is now sleeping through the night, maybe the odd wake but 7pm to 6.30am is perfect for me! Thank you!!

Nichola Welsh

Absolutely love your products, I bought the Shhleepies Splash today and my little boy was blissed out within 15 mins of coming out of his bath. We are also big fans of the Shhleepy Feet foot oil too, I will be reordering the Shhleepies Splash as soon as you have some on the site. Best product I have ever found for calming a baby and helping them settle, so thank you for these miracles in a bottle.

Caron Stewart

I ordered this at the end of last week. Started using it 2 days ago. And it's worked!!! My 1-year old son who hasn't slept through since he's been born, wakes up 2-3 times a night, and comes in our bed if he can't settle. Well who ever came up with this little bottle your amazing!! Our son slept through last night and I've had amazing sleep! Even used it on our daughter who's 6 and wakes up during the night with bad dreams, and she slept really well too. I will be ordering again especially at that price. Thank you!

Georgia Williams

Although we had some problems with delivery at the start, I definitely recommend this! I have a 22-month-old that suffers really bad with night terrors and wakes up 3-4 times a night screaming and always ends up in her Mummy and Daddy’s bed for comfort! I’ve been using Shhleepies Feet now since Friday night and the wake ups have reduced to 1-2 a night and settling more or less straight away! Last night she slept a full 9 and half hours with NO wake ups at all!

Suzanne Hamer

Fantastic products and customer service. I highly recommend the Shhleepies Feet foot oil, my son settles off with such ease but tummy troubles still wake him. Going to try the room diffuser next. I contacted customer support due to Royal Mail losing order and Claire couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you.