Not sure about Mummy Loves Organics? Read what others had to say!

Lucy Campbell

It actually worked! First night using the Shhleepies Feet foot oil last night and sure enough my little boy slept through. He's 15 months and has only slept through twice. Praying to the sleeping Gods it wasn't a huge coincidence and he'll go through tonight! Smells gorgeous too.

Katie Louise Paterson

I have been using this for a few weeks now with my 2-year-old, he seems so much happier waking in a morning and sleeping through so much more...would recommend.

Fiona Farrugia

This has worked wonders for my 3-year-old. Since being a baby, she has never slept great. Once we started using this, she has gone from waking three times a night and one of us sleeping with her, to only waking once (on average). Hasn't made much difference to my other two but they aren't bad sleepers anyway.