Shhleepies Feet, Splash, Bed and Buggy Gift Set

Shhleepies Feet, Splash, Bed and Buggy Gift Set

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Shhleepies Feet

Shhleepies Feet is an amazing organic foot oil for babies and children. It works by helping them get to sleep and stay asleep, whilst also helping to prevent the dreaded night terrors.

Apply to the temples, behind the ears and soles of the feet of babies and children, then allow to dry.

10ml.  Each bottle will last approx 2 months.

Recommended for use on babies 12 weeks and over.

Shhleepies Splash Bath Milk

Using organic castille soap along with the purest organic essential oils of lavender, mandarin, frankincense and ylang ylang. Shhleepies Bath Milk will gently soothe your little one and prepare them for bed.

Suitable for all dry skin conditions.

Shhleepies Bed and Buggy Pillow Mist

A fabulous mist for encouraging calm and sleep. Using a beautiful organic rose water and our trademark blend of sleepy essential oils, this unique mist is a favourite to take on all outings as well as keeping in the nursery.


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